About Athena

Smiling among the beautiful fall colors

Smiling among the beautiful fall colors

Hey! My name is Athena (my real name) and I am a quite girl living an ordinary suburban neighborhood with very suburban parents. I am the girl, walking alone with a bun perched on my head sometimes. I’m pretty confused what I want even when it comes to my clothing. I walk in one day with a stripped green shirt buttoned to the neck and high waisted blue jeans or another day with see through pink shirts and a black bando but there’s never a day I’m caught walking around with a simple t-shirt on cause I’m against those.

Days seem to tick by me and I don’t seem to notice it sometimes. I’m absentminded but my dad yells at me about it all the time so I try really hard to pretend I’m not. The best days of my life are when I sit in my bedroom all day with my hair tied up in a messed up bun prancing around to the blasting music and stopping every once in a while to add a line to my sketches.

I have big dreams but I don’t think they would ever happen anyways. I know that sounds completely opposite to the social standards and pressures of ‘go for it’ and ‘dream big, do big” but the hard truth is that stuff rarely happens. Like the fact that no one will read this. Which is fine with me. Is it silly to think that my life means more to the world than it really does?

I can also say I have a lot of friends, especially the crazy ones that do things that I want to facepalm all the time to. I’m the good kid that sits and listens. That give her advice and her friends don’t listen to her, she pants them on the back a few times and the cycle starts over again.

I’m also the good kid that is still waiting for things to happen to her that have already happened to others. But being a later ain’t always bad.

Obsessions of mine are things like swiss cheese, french and korean music. and being an idiot. Who can blame me when they catch me at 3 in the morning camping out next the refrigerator? Or pulling an all-nighter for no reason other than I don’t like sleep? Or being incapable of walking? Tripping on my own feet is like a hobby now. And overthinking everything. It’s cause I’m overly sensitive to everything around me and things that would usually not bother anyone would be something that I would take and keep in my heart. I overanalyze things sometimes to the point that my friends tell me I’m beginning to sound illogical.

Fears of mine are friends that aren’t really my friends, dying, heights, stumbling over my words, choosing the wrong things, and fish (hate that stuff). I really hate it when you have a certain friend that does things that friends should never do. Like say things that they never intend to fullfil. Or treating you badly because they suddenly found love. Like I said, it sucks but it’s true.

And the thing about stumbling over my words. Yeah. I mispronounce things all the time and its not like I have an accent or anything. I just am not very audio-oriented and words are a what factor in my dictionary. Words like horizon for example. Horizon was whore-ri-zone (with the emphasis on whore)  to me until fourth grade when a bunch of kids in my grade were like ummm its whore-rise-on.

I hope that one day that path clears up and I peer over to see everything as clear as glass. My Prince charming sitting on a white horse and I hop on the back as we gallop in the sunset with the birds following behind singing wedding music. Just kidding.

Words That I Care Enough About To Share

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