Waiting for Athena #6 No Pastries at Four

Hera’s cheeks burned raw from the frosty breezes in the four o’ clock morning air. The air was dry, crispy, and perfect for a casual stroll along the nearby lake or a visit to her favorite pastry shop, but Hera was already occupied with other matters. She had been waiting all her life for a chance like this. A chance to prove her worthiness to Zeus. He would finally see her as the caring wife that she was.

Her lips curled into a grimace. She always knew that Leto was no good and neither were her ridiculous children.

The two pathetic children stumbling around like a couple of homeless rats with a couple of pointy sticks in a bag. She muttered under her breath, which made her feel even better.

Hera regretted how she was never successful killing Leto before the whore began popping out those illegitimate children. Then, there was that Athena child that had absolutely no respect for other people’s boundaries. Not by coincidence, Athena was also not hers. In fact, the majority of Zeus’s children were not even hers and they were all no good. This is time she was saving him from his own children and, at the same time, she was finishing some unfinished business.

For once, the odds were in her favor. She could imagine the outrage on her husband’s bearded face after she told him of recent plans brewing around him. She could imagine him mercilessly punishing those hateful troublemakers and later being in Hera’s debt. He would finally stay forever faithful at her side, the only woman in his life like it was meant to be. All she had ever wanted was someone to love her as much as she loved them. Zeus would smoother her with kisses and spoil her with gifts. She almost began skipping at the thoughts that were running in her head. Then, she had to remind herself that she was no longer a little girl, but a fully mature adult woman. Skipping was absolutely childish. She shook her head to clear the absurd desires she was having.

The lights in the sky began disappearing and the giant sun rose once again.

Thank Helios, Hera thought as she pulled out the keys to their apartment. When she inserted them into the silver keyhole, the door easily swung open and she flung her purse aside on the near coffee table so she could rush to her husband’s side to tell him the news. She could barely contain her excitement as she hurried up the stairwell. She could smell the tea brewing in the air which meant that Zeus was already awakening and walking. She was so thrilled to see the events that would unfold because Hera, a respectable and important woman, was capable of making them happen. She was so distracted, Hera barely noticed the smell of light candles upstairs. She was so happy she almost missed the clothes that scattered the majority of the second floor. There laid a pair of Zeus’s pale blue boxers and a piece of feminine scarlet panties along with a massive amount of other accessories that littered the floor. She could hear the echoes of giggling and cooing in a nearby room.

Hera wasted no time to barge into the master bedroom. A bare Zeus and a shockingly blond woman laid under the bed sheets, stroking each others face. His eyes widened as he turned to look at the newcomer of the room and Hera barely caught a glance of the woman’s fully exposed breasts above the bedsheets before the woman wrapped her arms around them.

“How dare you..” she barely uttered out the words that were choking her throat. The heat in her head boiled and her eyes stinged with rage.

“Oh, darling! What happened? You weren’t suppose to be back home until this afternoon!” a rather flustered Zeus bluttered out. He immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing and grabbed a near pillow to began wobbling towards her. He extended his right hand outward towards Hera and the other hand holding the pillow against his groin. “Hera, love, I can explain. This all is a misunderstanding.” He nervously laughed and continued to approach her like she was a bull on the loose.

He began kissing her hand and every second checking her face to see her unstable emoticons. Most of the time, this kind of affection would immediately bring out the soft side of Hera and she would breathe out a sigh and forgive him, but this time was far too many times too many. To think that she actually rushed home to help him just to catch him being unfaithful to her was so painful to her that she marched to the girl’s side and began dragging her out of the room by the girl’s wrist. The nameless girl desperately managed to pick up her yellow dress from the assortment of clothes on the floor and stand on her feet before Hera pull her down the staircase. Zeus and the girl both tried to keep up with Hera’s intensely fast pace.

When they reached the front door, Hera flung open the door and threw the poor naked girl out. “Don’t you dare come back you little whore.” Hera threatened and closed the door before the confused girl could even understand what was going on.

Hera turned to face her her husband who was in close proximity of her. His gorgeous, perplexed eyes that stared back at her hurt her even more, wrenching at her heart. The man that she trusted and loved could never love her back the same way. She could feel her eyes brimming up but she didn’t want to show him how angry she was. Instead, she didn’t say anything, but gave him a cold hard slap across the face and walked out of the room.

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