Waiting for Athena #5 Backtrack

At the strike of midnight, they bounded into the night, bubbling with excitement. Her feet barely touched the concrete before she was quickly uplifted back into the air for a few moments. The grin on her face grew from ear to ear and she became the true wild beast that she was on the inside. Teeth glittering in the moonlight, she bared against the breeze that used her hair to tickle the nap of her neck or the sides of her waist. She was a real natural beauty that seemed to have simply arouse from the earth itself.

He grasped her hand tighter because if he didn’t, she would abandon him and blend into the shadows. The warmth of her hand matched his and the crazy ragged duo traveled at an unstoppable pace. The people began to leave the streets, sensing even the smallest hair that touched the ground. The time for midnight. She could feel that he, too, was enjoying the thrill of the rush. His red eyes glowed more brightly from the heat burning inside of him and he felt at any moment he could begin screaming in delight. He couldn’t wait for the satisfying noise of a new beginning, a new start.

The image of Asciepius slowly sizzling from the shock burned in his head a million more times and fueled his anger. To bloody hell with that man. He had lost so much because of that horrid man. His heart cried in outrage as his mind moved onto his mother, a gorgeous woman left behind in a desperate state of mind and two wailing children. Her vulnerable body relentlessly fought for the survival of her children and yet there was never a call of assistance from their ignorant father. The same man that who’s irresponsible actions affected everyone was the same man that was somehow also designated the ruler of the gods. Apollo could easily say that the day that man fell would be the day he feasted like a king in the blazing havens of a blood red fire.

His heart rate was beginning to reach concerning paces and she suddenly stopped in mid-run, halting him to stare at his eyes. He slowly down with the same fluid movements of her loose moonlight hair. It jerked back and enclose around her body, wondering why she stopped. Calm down and don’t think about it. Her words began to sink into him and he realized that although they were both excited, over thinking was not going to help keep his head straight to get that shot that he wanted. He inhaled a forceful amount of air and dispersed it back into the air. The heat of his body released along with the air and he forced himself to only concentrate on her present by his side. After a tediously long time, he recollected his thoughts aside and the pressure in his body succumbed to this new found peace he had discovered within himself.

He opened his eyelids to be greeted by his sister’s stunning doll-like face. Her eyes frowned at the heavy heart that lied within her. She was waiting for a signal from him, a sign that he was alright and he would not let his emotions get the best of him. He nodded and she sighed with relief. “I’m fine,” He assured. “Now let us carry on and find Athena.”

Before they could continue, an ambiguous shadow appeared in from under the street lamp. “Oh. Hello, children.”

Words That I Care Enough About To Share

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