Waiting for Athena #4 Driving Sideways

My vision blurred as the tramway subway swept onward. The heat of my sister’s nearby body nestled into my bones and I looked over to see her head rested on my shoulder. Her silver hair was paired with a shockingly youthful face and a set of wide brown eyes. She resembled a camouflaged fawn darting throughout the forest in a race from a dark predator luring about.  Her moonshine hair weaved around her body like a lone horse’s tail trailing through the night. She could feel my stare touching her body and she glanced up to stare with those enormous doe-shaped eyes. Her excitement was bouncing off the boundaries of the tram except she didn’t smile at me. Nor did I, because only deep down inside did we secretly feed off the adrenaline rush of the rising night. Something was going to die tonight and we knew it.

She let out an erotic sigh of pleasure from her uncontrollable enthrallment with this feeling and bundled in farther into my loose arms. Her heart rate sped up to sync with mine and we live on for the next few stops in silence to the windy sound of the tram like the marble statues in a busy museum.

I noticed that people went out of their way to space themselves at the minimum a tram cart away so we were the only beating hearts on the lone tram cart. Sometimes, an occasional wandering man or woman would step on the tram, but they would immediately back around like they had forgotten to do something somewhere else that was extremely important. The smell of danger and contaminated water intoxicated the inside of the cart. Nevertheless, we stayed still while I lazily pick at my nails on my left hand out of habitual tendencies while she entangled her fingers into my right hand. She began using her pinky and drawing light circles on the palm of my hand.


The pairing looked like another drug-crazed couple: one with unnaturally lively silver hair and the other with a disheveled set of honey hair like he had recently jumped out of an airplane. His red eyes were a shade of red that was mistaken easily by many as black. In addition to the abnormal physical characteristics, each wore a torpedo of different clothes stitched  together and layered in an unorganized fashion and seemed ready at any moment to begin tearing people limb to limb in their dazed addictive personalities. The team were both decorated with smugs of dirt and dust smeared across their pale complexions. Of course, no one wanted to be near the two.

In the harsh lighting from the ceiling, she got up in a whip with a graceful dance and twirled around in the tram, oblivious to the fact that the tram was still in motion. His sister swirled around each of the poles with one hand grasping the pole and the other hand reaching for the sky. She abruptly ended her halcyon performance kneeling with her face placed on his knees. Her elfish features spread across her thin face with freckles above her round cheeks. Although she was compared often with the others, her brother would always think she was the prettiest, but in a more childlike manner. She embodied a female with gorgeous physics and a thin, muscular waist that made many men peek at constantly. But her face gave it all away, leaving the men including her brother with a guilty fetish for a woman that would eternally resemble a child. In spite of his guilt to their abnormal connection, they stared at one another, soaking in the smells and energies from one another.

Her eyes seemed to widen by the second and she was lost by his perfection. The lights of the tram were set up to highlight his prominent cheekbones and his


“Our stop,” She reminded me with her pursued light pink lips before the robotic feminine voice above could announce that we were at the Holborn tramway station . I could feel her smile widen and she reached over to check for her bow and arrow slung around her back which were originally hidden under her layers of clothes. The tram began to slow down and we quickly exited the station and up into the night. She reached for my hand and we raced off as the clock struck midnight.

Words That I Care Enough About To Share

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