Waiting for Athena #1 The Modern Spider

The police sirens disturbed the night’s peaceful moment, racing off to save some poor soul in danger. Its cries stung the neighborhood’s minds, but everyone endured it because, after all, what if one day you were the one that needed saving? I savored the last of my tea and I counted the seconds after the police sirens because I knew it would happen any second in the most dramatic way possible.







Seven. A cold shiver ran down my spine as predicted in a slow and pythonic as I sat in the safe havens of my bedroom while staring at the open window. I noticed the tea was beginning to work its magic. I was guaranteed warmth, but instead, I was more alert of a dreaded meeting that I felt I was corralled mentally into.


I gently lifted the silk, dark blue curtains that obscured my vision of the outside world to authenticate my predictions. Sure enough, there it was and the heavy night and the pale fog did not hid the crepuscular silhouette because I could feel the darkened aura tingling into my bones even two stories away. It was threatening and the feathery whispers that it sent pierced my heart that trembled in the darkness three times, once with each word.

Let. (Stab) Me. (Stab) In. (Stab)

I knew that even the saints could not help me at this point. The coated person stood there silently staring back at me with faintly glowing green eyes and I nodded my head slightly signalling that I understood.

I like to think that I am a brave soul and that one day, when I was done ageing and child-like again, I would smile at the thoughts of my past and be a symbol to all as an independent spirit that could brush away all obstacles with ease. In fact, I believe that is what most people wish for. They want to be that one person that all look up to and wonder at their achievements. But when death comes knocking on your door, how does someone still keep smiling and invite death in for some tea and a session of chin wag?

Woman Looking at Reflection

I most definitely was scared; of course, I already knew that so there was no point in showing it because it would do me no good. Turning towards the mirror that contrasted in colour with the surrounding beige walls, I adjusted my clothes minimally and tucked back a stray hair. I hastened down the stairs and my heart slowed down as if it thought that if it was any louder, someone would silence the disturbance on the spot. My fingers trembled ever so slightly and found comfort in the smooth surface of the wooden railing of the stairwell that my hand lightly fingered as I traveled downward. The peephole was blocked by the figure and I could not see anything except a blank space of darkness. Before revealing myself and the other, I checked my image in the mirror a second time to see if I was concealing my emotions well. With a heavy breath and another tucking of a stray hair, I unlatched the handle and opened the door to greet my guest.

“Good evening. I have been expecting your arrival,” I welcomed my visitor with all the courage I could muster. My leg and facial muscles tightened and my back straightened as I painted a set of small pursed lips across my face.

The memorable face was filmed over with a small triangular veil attached to a brown rose-like bun and my visitor smelt lightly of cinnamon and cedar wood. My guest was dressed in a long black Belstaff coat with a vibrant red scarf wrapped tightly around the neck and her head was cocked to the side just so I could only view her partially exposed face. She decorated each of her pointer fingers with a single ruby ring which was a rather unusual arrangement of jewellry. I felt a twinge of annoyance that she was ignoring me, completely disregarding me for a minuscule moment to type away on a phone, but when she looked up at me with the same glistening green eyes, I lost my composure and stared with a mixture of both awe and terror. There was something different about her this time though. But that didn’t make a difference to me because I lost all of my original confidence and my knees began to tremble. Her eyelashes swept upward in one swift motion and pierced into my heart a second time. My heart fumbled to catch on to its original rhythm, begging that she look away. Gordon Bennett this was bad.

“Oh my dear, my apologies. Athena couldn’t come by and have a chat,” She cooed, her gaze tracing back to her cellular device. The taps that her slim fingers made were identical to the sounds of clicking heels on a hard smooth floor or the notes on a piano. Her words slurred together in an elegant, casual song.

“She’ll come tomorrow though. Don’t think about running away because that won’t do much in your favor. She’ll know where you went and she’ll always find you.” Her phone slipped back in her purse and she quickly glanced at me one more time with a pitiful smile. This time my heart froze and melted at the same time and my breath stopped in alarm. She stroked one finger down my face and lifted my chin as if she was examining me in a disgusted way.

“And don’t hang yourself or anything darling. It’s no use,” she purred, “Minerva would know. In fact, Minerva knows exactly what Athena is thinking. Right. Now.” She paused as if she was recollecting her thoughts, but it was foolish to think that a goddess would have to do such a thing. Everyone knows that they just do that for effect.

“And sweethart, if you did what you did to Athena to me, your insolent mind would be begging for mercy. Just being here adulterates my mind and I would have already gone ahead and start with it, but I think Athena deserves the fun. Besides she was always a little bit too… oh… merciful for me. And I hope her… mercifulness comes to benefit you in the end.” Her insults stung with bee stings and I wanted to fight back, but I couldn’t. She could tell that I was at a loss for words.

“Brave spiders always die in the end. They scatter around on the floor like they belong there and think that no one can stop them, but, in reality, it makes it easier for me to kill them because all I have to do is step on them.” She giggled delightfully, “but luckily, you aren’t one of them. You just wish you were and, well, here’s your wish. Congratulations!” she added sarcastically. Her cell phone suddenly started ringing and Minerva’s face brightened up like a child on Christmas Day. “Oh! That’s my cue!” She casually turned around and begins strolling back to her red porsche parked on the side of the road. When she turned around, I began to regain control of my mind and body and the biggest question popped into my head. How could I just let her walk away without at least having the last word?

“But what if it’s not my fault? What if he’s just trying to get us to repeat our mistakes like last time?” I suddenly hollered back at her, desperately running down my driveway to make her stop. I was blinded by the night the farther I walked away from the lights in my house and had to come a halt to prevent hurting myself.

Minerva carried on, unfazed and bored by my remarks, and approached her car before turning around to look at me with disdain. Her car’s headlights blinked as she unlocked the car and she swiftly swung open the car door. Before she got in, Minerva laughed, teasing me and not taking me seriously at all. “Oh bloody hell! You are not my problem. You are your own problem. So belt up and go figure it out yourself, honey.” And she drove off, leaving me in the dust as the little spider, the only life I knew of.


Words That I Care Enough About To Share

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